Fahrenheit 451

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Fahrenheit 451 Ray Bradbury 147 pages Setting: The novel takes place in an urban city, in the far future. It is mainly told from the main characters house and his job. The books tells the reader that it is set in a city, one similar to many across the country, and I say it is in the far future because of the advances in technology. The T.V. sets are wall sized and can take up a whole room. Machines do your chores and everything for you. There are radios so tiny you fit them in your ear and firemen set fires instead.

Main Character: The main character is a fireman from the distant future named Guy Montag. He has dark, burnt skin from the many fires he's lit, and his hair is black, slightly blue from the kerosene that practically runs through his veins. He has a determined personality, and sometimes he can't control himself.

He is confused and he doesn't always know what he's doing while he does it. He has plans and tries to follow them but his emotions over come him at times. He doesn't always listen to what he should be doing or is what he has been told to do.

On page 112 Montag has to force himself to do something natural, take himself step by step. " He put his right foot out and then his left foot and then his right. He walked on the empty avenue." In that part of the novel he is a convict running from the police because he had murder and stolen books. He is shocked at what he had done and is trying to go to the one man who may be able to help him, but he finds it very difficult.

On page 105 Montag...