False Reflections

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False Reflections The book that I read was fittingly titled Amazing Gracie. This book was selected as Best Book for Young Adults by the American Library Association. The author is A.E. Cannon, who is a creative and talented writer. The book's main theme is about finding out who you are in life. Cannon shows the theme as the protagonist having a role model or a person she looks up to and it being her mother. However, when she sees that her so-called "role model" is falling apart mentally and emotionally, she realizes that she's her own unique person and is not exactly like her mother. The theme is fascinatingly written out and is a great influence for the readers, who are mostly young adults or teenagers.

The protagonist, or main character, is Gracie, who looks, acts, and not only dresses like but also has the same tastes as her mother.

Gracie and her mother are so much alike; they can be sister instead of Mother and daughter. Gracie's mother gets remarried to Pete, who has a son and is names Sinjian. Pete is a sloppy, overweight man, who has tacky taste in clothes. Sinjian annoys Gracie at first, but then she can't live without him. They story takes place in Salt Lake City, where they have just recently moved to. Gracie helps to keep the family together meanwhile her mother is falling into a deep depression. At the same time, Gracie meets Tiimo, who introduces her to new friends. Gracie sees how everyone is different and when her mother tries to commit suicide, Gracie feels that she will fall apart just like her mother, since they are so much alike. It isn't until Gracie realizes that she and her mother are more different than how she thought they were, that Gracie lets herself fall in love with Tiimo.

The protagonist, Gracie, changes throughout the story. In the beginning of the book she sees herself as being and acting, and even sometimes feeling like her mother. But throughout the story, when she sees her mother falling into depression, she starts to realize that she feels like she's going to become just like her mother and be depressed and fall apart just like her, since they are so much alike. When her mother tries to take her own life away, Gracie tries to deal with it. She goes to her new friends for support and she sees how each one is different form each other and their parents. She then realizes, at the end of the story, that she and her mother aren't so much alike after all. Gracie starts to discover herself and tries new hairstyles and discovers teenage love with Tiimo. She feels comfortable with herself when she becomes someone that is not like someone else.

The conflict of the story is about Gracie fighting against herself becoming more like her depressed, suicidal mother. Gracie looked at her mother as a role model until she fell apart mentally. The climax of the book is when Gracie's mother tries to kill herself by an overdose. When Gracie walked into her mother's bedroom she saw her but she wouldn't move and that's when Gracie called an ambulance. The theme of the well-written book is expressed very well. Gracie tries to find who she is; what she wants to accomplish. She thought she was just like her mother, but that all changed when she saw the overwhelming flaws that her mother obtained. The story's theme gets its message and pint across to all those young adults who have read and learn something about life through a hidden message placed in a dramatic novel.

I learned a lot about life from this incredibly written story. I learned that sometimes a person, who seems so wonderful and so inspirable, may always have a chance of falling and become miserable just like the rest of us. I also learned that you should be who you want to be and not try to be like someone else. I would really recommend this book to someone else, especially someone who is worshipping another person. When the person that they worship falls and fails, then the person admiring him will also fall and be devastated because someone that they admired has fallen and failed. I would also recommend this book to someone who enjoys a really good young adult dramatic book