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" Be it ever so humble, there is no place like home."� Have you heard this phrase? I really believe in this because home is where the family is, and there's nothing like being welcomed by the arms of the ones you love. Man was not put on this earth alone.

He was given a partner to share everything which is important to him like love, joy, sorrow, and even hate. In the same way, people need to be a part of a group because it is human nature to feel a sense of belonging. Also, people can learn and develop more within a group. I think that they are the reasons why people want to have a special group of their own, which is the family. The core of society is made up of the family. Each member plays his or her role which complements the other family members to create a sense of harmony.

For example, a mother may give love and support to her children and in return receive respect and obedience. No matter how it is structured, a loving family is the most wonderful and beautiful thing in the world.

I come from an ordinary Korean family. My immediate family consists of my father, mother, an older brother, a 90 year old grandmother, and myself.

In many Korean families it is very common to live with two generations in the same household. I also have many relatives all over Korea and a few in America.

My father worked as an investigator for the police department in Seoul, the capital of Korea, for 30 years until his retirement 2 years ago. My mother is a beauty salon owner which she has been running for 25 years. My brother, who is 3 years older than I am, is...