Family Planning: Does it Affect Parenting Styles?

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Family Planning: Does it Affect Parenting Styles?

What is Family Planning?

When people mention about the term 'family planning', birth control will automatically come to the next word in their mind. Family planning plays an important role to achieve the happiness of the family. The term 'family planning' was coined by Margaret Sanger in 1914-15. Balfour (1961) defines that "family planning signifies a purposeful effort to space births and to limit or control the size of family. More precisely, it means birth control or contraception to regulate by choice the number of pregnancies and children within the family."

Family planning is the major factor which affects parenting style. Baydar (1995) defines parenting style as the degree of authoritarianism that the parents spend on the children in resolving disciplinal issues. Parents with family planning will always plan to give the best education and the best living materials resources to the children they planned to have.

Children are just like a white piece of paper. Their cognitive, emotional development and behavior are determined by the parenting style given by their parents. However, the parenting style of the parents is different based on how many children they have.

Parenting Style with Family Planning: The Only Child

Nowadays, many modern parents choose to be the parents of only children. In general, they think that by having one child can help to control the world population. Moreover, parents of only children always have high expectation from their child as they have offer all the material resources to the child. They expect that their child will turn out well performance. Reasonable expectations are allowed for the parents of the only children from the child. However, according to Jennifer (2011), parents should always remember that the child do not live in your own...