Famine in Zimbabwe.

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"The tragedy is that it is unwilling to see or acknowledge it's authorship of the crisis," this statement was quoted from the Daily News, speaking about Zimbabwe's huge famine and the government's role in it (Southern Africa). Zimbabwe's government has passed a new land policy that, accompanied by a drought is causing thousands of people to starve; countries have the options of either being a resource or dealing with it more politically.

The "Alice in Wonderland" land program was brought into law by President Mugabe who feels that it would be correcting a historical wrong (Appeals For). In this programs 3,000 white farmers are being forced to abandon their farms within a forty-five day period. The Zimbabwean government plans to then redistribute the property to landless blacks. When a spokesperson of the government was questioned about the program he said, "The problem with these people is that they believe that if they cry they are going to get this process reversed .

. . But these farmers are fooling themselves because we are not going to accept again a situation where the indigenous people are denied land and just work for the whites" (White Farmers). This plan will cause thousands of people to go hungry.

The problem with this redistribution is the food shortage it will bring. Many Zimbabweans are starving already and most suffer from malnutrition (Come To). Farmers were required to stop working their land June 25 of this year and they were given until August 10 to be off the land (White Farmers). Thousands of black farmers are needed to make up the difference in the food shortage and they are scarce. If planting is not completed by October there will be little if any harvest next year. Output is expected to shrink by more than thirty...