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--------------------------------------------------Paragraph 7.1-----------------------------------------------------------------Environment - is the place where an organism lives together with other organisms and its surroundings, such as water, the air and the soil. In other words, an environment is the area where an organism lives.

Ecosystem - Is made up of two parts: a living part called a community and a non living part, the habitat

Community - Living part of the ecosystem

Habitat - non-living part of the ecosystem ( sunlight, water, temperature, soil and air)

Populations - organisms that live together. For example on the lawn in your garden populations of dandelions, earthworms, ants, grass and common daisies can be found.

Abiotic - Non-living elements in an ecosystem are called abiotic factor.

Biotic - The living elements in an ecosystem are called biotic factors

Compete - 'fight' against ...

Predation - An organism that is hunted by another organism for food.

Predator - The animal that hunts

Prey - The hunted animal

Wadden sea - it's a unique sea because there are more than 250 species of plants that live here and nowhere else.

Heathland- unique ecosystem in the Netherlands.

-----------------------------------------------------------Paragraph 7.2--------------------------------------------------------

Food chain - for example : algae -> oysters->crab. Everything gets eaten by another bigger species that's standing above themin the food chain eventually humans are the last ofthe food chain.

Food web- A combination of different food chains is called afood web

Producers- if you can produce your own food you're a producer for example a plant

Consumers- Organisms that eat other organisms

Reducers- Fungi and bacteria are known as reducers

--------------------------------------------------------Paragraph 7.3------------------------------------------------------------

Pets- animals that live in your house.

Dierenbescherming- People that protect the animals.

Animal ambulance- Ambulance that helps animals in need.

Industrial farming- for example giving a chicken 20by 20 cm of living space together with another chicken it's the...