Fantastic Four: the Four Functions of Management

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AbstractThe Army uses all four functions of management through a Chain of Command. All leaders throughout the military use at least one function, but multiple leaders working together covers all functions. Always someone is planning, organizing, leading, or controlling. The reason the United States Military is so effective is because leadership and management always try to stay a step ahead. The rank structure provides a guideline to how much a soldier manages. More rank brings more responsibility, more respect, and more use of each function. Though not all functions are needed to be a manager, a good manager does need all four. The Chain of Command is the best example to show leadership, management, and the four functions - plan, organize, lead, and control.

Fantastic Four: The Four Functions of ManagementThere are four functions of management; planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. To be a manager, one doesn't need to utilize every function, but a good manager will.

When a manager puts each function to use, he or she will be more effective. Because the Army is such a large organization, there are many managers responsible for many teams of various sizes. Though it is difficult to maintain all four functions of management, the Army uses each function to maximize efficiency.

One Team, One FightAs an individual becomes a soldier in the United States Army, he or she becomes part of a team, as said best in The Soldier's Creed. The Creed states "I am a warrior and a member of a team" (Army Study Guide, 2008). The team has many leaders of different beliefs, values, and ethics. If the leaders have one common goal, to improve the unit, success will be obtained. This is true to units of all sizes, whether a squad of few soldiers or a brigade...