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Running Head: FASHION






Fashion is a fascinating subject worthy of a detailed analysis. Every person possesses an inner desire of looking good and feels appreciated in the socio-economic circle. As Benjamin Franklin quoted "Eat to please thyself, but dress to please others". Fashion has captivated and tormented us, in equal measure, for as long as there have been garments to wear. Fashion history can be traced back to Paris, at the end of the ninetieth century, when the first designer label was developed and created.

Fashion has spread in most spheres of our lives affecting many aspects of our lives like our clothes, the houses we live in, the kind of vehicles we drive, and the type of books we read (Freese 3). Although different approaches have been adopted in a move to define fashion; so much has been left uncovered. The average definition of fashion is "it is the material explanation of a new trend of thought -the outward expression of a new idea".

In these modern times, life is more controlled by fashion than most people realize. In the early days, fashion meant clothing. In "Chanel: A Woman of Her Own," Madsen quoted Chanel, "Fashion is not something that prevails in dresses only. Fashion is in the atmosphere, in the streets; fashion is something to do with ideas, our way of life, what is happening" (124).

It has become a booming business, created by original designers and governed and run by business magnets for profits. Fashion designing has become a well paying profession. Fashion in uncertain and keep on changing according to the ideas, moods and fancies of people. When most people hear fashion, what cross their mind first is 'women clothing. Surprisingly, it is the man in the ancient...