Fast Eddie

Essay by Rick Vallejos or darA+, January 1996

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Where do I begin... to write down my misadventure. I would have never picked up a pen and began had it not been for my host. He's the type of fellow who tells you what to do and his partners (soldiers) make sure you did just as your told. This hideout, this fortress has more weapons than I've seen in months. There is a guard at my door this minute, put there for my protection so I was told. Yeh right! He's got a mean looking revolver with a huge bore. That's bad enough but he points it directly at my chest and waves it around when he addresses me. I can't describe the look in his eyes. I truly believe he would love to do me in. He thinks I'm an enemy and a threat to my host. I am a guest of the leader of this organization.

I sit here and think of what has happened to bring me here.

My mind wanders back to when I was an innocent eight year old kid. I worried more about what games to play than anything else. My mom brought us to the Mile High City after she and my dad started fighting. She thought it would be good to grow up near relatives. She never knew what was in store for us all. No one knew except the scientist and interfering generals who were developing project 'UnderNet'. The national/global computer network that was going to make our lives simpler by linking the regional infrastructure management computers. It made sense to have a system where electricity was diverted from one grid to another were it was needed more. Same with all the other resources of man.. fuel, water, food, and even surplus peoplepower in the form of the ten year...