The fear of changing jobs

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A life changing Decision

In the life of every man there is the moment when something should be changed.

Some people feel abstract influences, another definitely knows what exactly should be done

to have their own life changed in the way they wish. For me the decision to abandon my

former job in search of a new and more challenging vocation was taken because of a

downward change in the auto industry. With my former profession I was not confident in

the way I had chosen it. It was like doing the things you did not wish to do. I decided to

change my career to a new and more challenging profession. I have finally found a new more

determined comfort with myself. This new profession will lead to a new avenue of success.

However, before the decision was made there was an impediment, the internal bar which

blocked my free will, the fear.

For sometime I have been working for American Axle. Now, I see that I never

really wanted to do that, however I did. The idea of changing my job and abandoning the

auto industry was not new for me. I had already been thinking about it but did not truly

believe I could do it. The uncertainty and diffidence were causing me to forget about any

further actions. I was about the age of 30, and the thought that it was too late for radical

changes pushed me back to the factory every day. I was unhappy. I have been doing my

duties and my work with little interest and could not get rid of the thought that I am losing

valuable time, since I am not getting any younger. Finally, I started to feel really bad about

it. Nothing could take away the continual...