A Fear of the Ocean

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Amy Jo Johnson

Professor David Tomas Martinez

English 1301

July 28, 2014

A Fear of the Ocean

Early this morning, his alarm is the one that woke us up. Usually, my alarm is the one to let me know that it is time to get up and get ready for school. Today is Sunday though, and the wave report is showing a prediction of good conditions at Surfside. So, his plan is to wake up before sunrise, go pick up Trey, and hit the beach. I have plenty of homework and housework, so I will stay busy here at home, breaking at midday to make lunch and take my boys to the pool for an afternoon swim. When Greg calls from the jetties to let me know how his day is going, I get to live vicariously through his story. Sometimes, we go as a family out to Galveston or Surfside, or wherever the weather happens to be the most favorable.

My boys and I will play in the shallow waters where it is safe for youngsters. Greg always brings his board along. He lets the boys give it a go, but only from chest-deep water towards the shore. My little one likes to sit on the board, while Greg holds on to the back of it and pushes it forward. I have tried only once, and realized quickly that it is much more difficult than it looks! I have always wanted to learn to surf; my fear of the deep water keeps me from it. Greg frequents the nearby Texas beaches, rain or shine, just for the thrill of those few moments when he catches a really good wave. I am so envious. However, I am afraid of the ocean because there are many deadly predators in the water,