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The Portuguese Man-of-War

order Siphonophra, the genus Physalia, and the species Physalia(2).The man-of-war is not an actual jellyfish, but a Siphonophor. Also the man-of-war is not a single organism. It is made up of many di ... rence to Family was provided.3 A capsule within specialized cells of certain coelenterates, such as jellyfish, containing a barbed, threadlike tube that delivers a paralyzing sting when propelled into ...

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Invertebrates. 14 pages. Has an introduction and includes a lot of information about all the subphyla of the phylum invertebrata.

. They make up for about 97% of the animal kingdom. Some invertebrates are earthworms, butterflies, jellyfish, and giant squid. There are two kinds of invertebrates, lower and higher. Lower invertebra ... includes polyps, medusae, and species that alternate between the two.oScyphozoa ? They're the true jellyfishes, spending most of the life cycle as medusae.oAnthozoa ? They live only as polyps and inc ...

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Coral reefs.

t it is actually a living animal. Corals belong to a group of animals that include sea anemones and jellyfish. These animals have tentacles with stinging cells and a single opening in the body. This g ...

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The Biological importance of water

means that we are made from approximately 80% water by mass and some soft bodied creatures such as jellyfish are made of up to 96% water. Water also provides an environment for organisms to live in, ... s water is incompressible. This provides support for soft bodied creatures such as worms, slugs and jellyfish which therefore do not require a supporting skeletal system. Water allows cells filled wit ...

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Compare responses of named Australian ectothermic and endothermic organisms to changes in the ambient temperature and explain how these responses assist in temperature regulation

changing. True poikilotherms have temperatures that are the same as the environment. An example is jellyfish. Poikilothermy is often assumed to be the same as ectothermy; however, this is incorrect. ...

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AP Bio pGLO Transformation Formal Lab Report

ia. The pGLO plasmid contained a gene for the Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP) from a bioluminescent jellyfish and a gene for resistance to ampicillin, an antibiotic. Essentially, we wanted to determin ...

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Marine Animal diversity and adaptation to life in the seas and ocean.

centrated small amounts of urine (Carter, 2005; Dipper, 2005; Thinkquest Team, 1998).Phylum CnidariaJellyfish such as the sea nettle (Chrysaora quinquecirrha) are euryhaline, and mainly rely on ocean ... lsate their bell shaped body, aiding to some extent. They have two cell layers and the epidermis of jellyfish is thin enough that oxygen diffuses across it to the cells. A gelatinous non-cellular laye ...

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A short essay about corals.

rance, coral is actually a marine animal of the invertebrate species having no spinal columns, like jellyfish. Coralreefs are sensitive ecosystems, which are under treat from human and natural element ...

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Tissue Development: Phylum Cnidaria

and endoderm. A middle layer, called mesoglea, is largely composed of a jellylike material. Hydra, jellyfish, sea anemones, and coral colonies belong to this diverse group. Members of this phylum, wh ... ies of toxin-laden nematocysts. Thousands of the stinging cells can be found along the tentacles of jellyfish and floating bell-shaped colonies. The purple-colored medusa, or Vellela, occasionally flo ...

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The Old Man And The Sea

s. They all play a special part in The Old Man and The Sea. The creatures in this novel were jellyfish, sea turtles, tuna, porpoise, marlins, bonito, mako sharks, shovel-nosed sharks, and a man ... urtles, tuna, porpoise, marlins, bonito, mako sharks, shovel-nosed sharks, and a man-of-war bird. A jellyfish really is not a fish but it is a free-swimming marine animal with a transparent saucer-sha ...

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Luggerhead turtle

s born it is the about the size of a child's hand. It eats the Portuguese Man of War, a very deadly jellyfish. It has very tough skin so it does not have to worry about getting stung by the jellyfish. ...

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The Coral Reef Ecosystem

RIS), 2009). The scientificclassification of coral reefs are called Cnidarians. This group includes jellyfish, seaanemones, and sea fans. The coral reef system is made up of aragonite structures that ...

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A Fear of the Ocean

aths with any of the dangerous wildlife of the ocean can make a visit to the beach seem precarious. Jellyfish, tiger sharks, stonefish, puffer fish, sea snakes, lionfish, stingray, eel, and octopus ar ... us to people than others. But still, they all exist. And, with human interaction, do not play well. Jellyfish don't even have to attack. When they float by, their tentacles merely touching a person ca ...

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