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Luggerhead Turtle I'am writing this paper on the Luggerhead Turtle. The Luggerhead turtle goes through a lot in its lifetime. In this report on the turtle you will learn about what dangers it goes through, so read on.

The Luggerhead is born underground in sand near the shore and takes about thirty-six hours to dig itself out of the nest. When it is born it is the about the size of a child's hand. It eats the Portuguese Man of War, a very deadly jellyfish. It has very tough skin so it does not have to worry about getting stung by the jellyfish.

It lives in the ocean all of its life and lays its eggs on the shore, when the babies are born they go on their own to their own life. The turtle lives in a type of weed which floats in the ocean drifting with the currents, the environment is very bad for the turtle since there is a lot of offshore dumping by ships, polluting the ocean.

There is a total of thirteen tons of trash being dumped every one minute.

The danger of the turtle's environment is made up of lots of trash. Almost every turtle found has plastic in it's gut, which causes it to die. The other danger is the dolphin fish which preys on the turtle for food and sharks off all kinds. The other is rain which causes the water to become thin due to the salt being desolved by the rain.

In conclusion the Luggerhead Turtle goes faces a very harsh life. Almost only one out of a thousand turtles live. The Luggerhead Turtle lays a total of five million eggs a year. Even though the Luggerhead Turtle goes through a hard life it manages to live on its on.