Female discrimination in the workplace

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Female Discrimination in the Workplace

Each and every day women all over the world are constantly facing the issue of discrimination. Almost every woman could agree to being victimized by some sort of discrimination. We in America hear about the struggle and dispute going on daily in other countries and consider ourselves grateful for the core values and justice our nation has been granted with. But, is the slaughtering and trafficking of women the only way this global issue gains societies attention? Too often, in our country of "equality" and "justice", a very controversial aspect of discrimination goes unnoticed; women in the workforce. Is the United States workforce really a place that equally values employees of each gender? Are women treated equally to men? This is an issue that has yet to be addressed definitively. This is what the media needs to be presenting.

Some women are faced with job discrimination and take no further action in confronting the issue.

Perhaps employers are good at making this act subtle, or some women are just simply oblivious. Unfortunately, not all employers inform prospective employees about their rights and responsibilities. This matter is specifically addressed in Naomi Barko's "The Other Gender Gap: Why Women Still Fail to Receive Comparable Wages for Comparable Work". Some of the women facing such sexism include women of higher education that certainly understand and recognize their rights to equal pay. An example of this includes female physicians. A study found that women physicians earned less than male physicians in forty-four of forty-five specialties including obstetrics-gynecology (14 percent less) and pediatrics (15.8 percent less) with lower compensation. It may be justifiable for compensation rates to differ amongst male and females in some lines of work, for example construction where women are physically incapable of doing some work.