What is the Feminist Divide?

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What is the Feminist Divide?

The Feminist Divide is a separation of feminist ideals. The desires woman want from life differ from class to ethnicity. This conflict is found mostly between the cultural feminism and social constructionists. Most of the controversy comes when dealing with the political strategies of these groups because their ideas for women's positions in society differ so much.

Cultural feminist believe that women are given their feminine power through their biology. They think women should embrace their differences from men and find strength in our anatomical differences. The ability to give birth is a power men lack and women should celebrate. Some of cultural feminist ideas were so extreme they often alienated women who considered themselves to be cultural feminist. One example is the Separatist Movement during the 60s. Some cultural feminist also thought that by separating themselves from men they would empowered as women. Withdrawing from a society that would continue with or without these women does not help women's oppression, if anything it would make things worse.

Social constructionist, on the other hand, thought that androgyny would improve their position is society. By cherishing their feminine characteristics and adding desirable masculine traits, women would find themselves more equipped for living a "man's world."

I believe that androgyny is the answer. This idea enables women to become individuals and discover themselves separate from both men and women. Women can become humans wanting careers and children and children just like there counterparts.