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"When the sins of our fathers visit us, we do not have to play host. We can banish them with forgiveness as God in his Largeness and Laws." This quote, by August Wilson, explains how one can either repeat, or expel the sins of the people that came before us. In the play "Fences", also written by August Wilson, one can observe how two of the main characters deal with the sins of their fathers. These two characters are Troy and his son Cory. Troy plays host to the sins of his fathers, while Cory banishes them.

Cory, unlike Troy, expels the sins of his fathers. During the play, Cory is crossed with the great opportunity to play football for college. Although his dad's dream of becoming a baseball player were crushed, Cory doesn't let it interfere with him following his dream of becoming a professional football player.

He also doesn't let the color of his skin discourage him or hold him back. Even with all the obstacles Cory is faced with, he still believes he can make it far with football and college. We can see this when he tells his father " I get good grades, Pop, That's why the recruiter wants to talk with you. You got to keep up your grades to get recruited. This way I'll be going to college. I'll get a chance." Cory chose to banish the sins of his fathers.

There are many ways in which Troy played host to the sins of his fathers. In Act once Scene four of the play, the author gives light to the sins of Troy's father. "He aint cared nothing bout no kids. A kid to him was nothing. All he wanted was for you to learn how to walk so he could...