Ferret Legalization in California. Research paper on why ferrets should be legalized in California.

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Can't Ferret Out of this One

Book after book has been written about ferrets; many of the authors own multiple ferrets, and none complain of problems. These books are filled with charming anecdotes about the "carpet sharks," or "fur covered slinkies," two common terms of endearment for these lovable animals. Ferrets are extremely affectionate, they are curious, get into everything, and enjoy playing with littermates and humans alike.

In recent times, ferrets have become a hot issue among Californians. Currently, ferrets are illegal in the state of California, and many people would like to see this changed. Most animal-lovers like ferrets, but the vast majority of people that do not like ferrets or oppose their legalization feel this way because of misinformation from the California Department of Fish and Game (CDFG). Over the past couple of years a few steps have been taken in the right direction, towards the legalization of the domestic ferret; as it now stands, ferrets are still illegal to own in the state of California.

Years ago, ferrets were mistakenly classified as wild animals, and therefore were made illegal in the Golden State. Ferrets are safe, highly domesticated animals, and they should be legalized in California. Opponents of ferret legalization claim that ferrets pose a threat to wildlife by forming feral packs and preying on domestic and wild animals, as well as posing a danger to humans as carriers of diseases. These claims are mostly fabrications spread by the CDFG.

On September 10, 2002, Gray Davis, California's then governor, passed Assembly Bill 3055 (AB-3055), this bill allowed veterinarians to treat any animal, legal or not, without having to report the possession of illegal animals to the CDFG, and without fearing prosecution for treating such animals. Ferret owners could visit vets, but whether or not the possession...