FETC Teacher Training Assignments 106-108 stage 1

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Identifying and Analysing assessment activities.

All of the projects that I set for my course have to be assessed in some way, and during the projects I will often introduce a session which will involve a specific learning outcome assessed by means of formative and summative evaluation.

These sessions will normally be skills based tasks which will be taught over a few hours. The students will be expected to follow guidelines and make their own evaluation from the information given. The purpose of the activity will relate to their current project and will be a development of their skills over the course. The reason I choose to do it this way is so that the students can slowly build their skills and knowledge bank and use previous learning in the next session. This way I can also monitor their ability and level of learning, over the duration of a session the faster learners can adapt their skills to more complex solutions to the brief while the slower learners can catch up and also leave the session with a new ability.

The learners will be of differing levels so each task is set at a midway point so as not to alienate any of the class, either higher or lower achievers. If any problems arise while taking the learners through this process there is a built in buffer zone in which I am able to instruct the rest of the class to do something else while I do a one to one with who ever is having difficulty.

Not all of the information learned in these sessions will be relevant to their current project however it will be relevant to working practice and important to those who will be going into a design position after college. Also in some sessions...