A Fictional Case Study in Systems and Operations Management

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Case Study in Systems and Operations Management


Analysis and evaluation of systems and operations management

By applying the systems-level hierarchy and by the 4v's topology, one can evaluate and analyse systems and operation management system. An illustration is as follows.


Sale of stationery and office supplies

Criterion 1

Retail operations

Criterion 2

Store management

Criterion 3

Issues of operation

Business customer

Criterion 4

Customer service

Custom print

Range of products


Technology and IT

Purchasing and supplies

The 4v's topology

Low volume high

High variety low

High variation on demand low

High visibility low

Explanations of the topologies and structure

For good management of systems and operations, there is the creation of a goal where in the case study; the goal is to sell different types of office supplies and also stationery to organisations, businesses and individual people in need of the stationery. Outlining the goal helps to get a sneak preview of what the business is to look like.

This helps develop a management system that suits the goal. After Lachlan, the inventor of the Atokowa business got a goal; he was able to decide on the requirements so as to put his goal into play. He thus bought a printing machine, which was reproducing copies for many organisations in the region. As the business grew, more outlets came to being. Thus, the goal was to make the organisation a one-stop stationery shop (Bocji, 2008).

After setting up a goal, a criterion for accomplishing the goal is the next crucial step in a management system. The criteria in use can follow an illustration from the case under study.

Division into operational units.

There is a division of the organisation into retail outlets; in the case, each retail shop had its own stock control system, the system becomes...