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The film "Gattaca" explores a world where genetic engineering has reached a level that people can be designed and purpose built. It is a world not to far from the one we live in, one only a very brief time in the future. It is a world where children are manufactured, and space travel in done in relatively normal daily wear clothes and occurs on a daily basis. This world is one where discrimination is not based on race, gender, culture, or creed but by genetic makeup. IF one was not built then one is by nature inferior. Even its title hints at something more. "Gattaca" is derived from the chemicals that make p the DNA chain (guanine, adenine, thymine, and cytosine.) This becomes very important when combined with the tag line "There is no gene for the human spirit". This film asks the most basic question one could ask of mankind; is a man merely the sum of his parts, incapable of exceeding a genetic destiny or are genetics just the starting point for a set of glorious (or notorious) possibilities limited only by desire?


A person of invalid genetics, Vincent Freeman, adopts the identity of someone, Jerome Eugene Morrow, who is of the proper genetic makeup.

Initially there is some degree of conflict between the Vincent and Jerome. Jerome feels that Vincent initially does not deserve the life he is taking and thusly resents him. He is offering his genetic identity for sale due to a paralyzing injury that left him in a wheel chair. Vincent must alter his physical makeup to match Jerome's and by doing so earns his respect. Vincent dreams of space travel and must use Jerome's identity to be admitted into the program. Once admitted he then...