The film "Bowling for Columbine" explores the connection between racism and fear. Discuss.

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In the film, "Bowling for Columbine" a successful link is made between racism and fear. The racism is directed at the black community in America and the demonisation of black-Americans. This demonization comes through fear of the black community through media sources such as the national news, cartoons and television.

In the first scenes of the film, Michael Moore opens a bank account at a local bank in Michigan in order to receive a free hand gun. When Moore sits down to fill out the application form, he purposely draws attention to the word 'Caucasian' (a word referring to a white person). Moore asks the lady at the bank what he should put on the document for his race, white or Caucasian, while the lady quickly replies Caucasian. This is a deliberate attempt by Moore to satirize the 'ethnicity' clause on the application form in order to show that the options given to him on the document include the Caucasian (meaning a white person) and white.

This points to the fact that only a white person can be given a gun at that bank after opening a bank account with them because the fear of anyone other than a white-coloured person possessing a gun.

But does this fear of black men come from and why black-Americans are especially targeted?

Michael Moore leads the audience to the conclusion that the media are creating a bad impression of the black-community. The black-community is shown on the media as dangerous, reckless and usually the source of all the crimes going around. For example the media goes so far to target anything including humans and animals that are of a African origin that reside in America, in this case the 'Africanized bees' or 'Killer bees'. Both of adjectives given to this...