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The Patriot is one of the only movies whose plot is based around the American Revolution, set in the colonial time period. With themes such as segregation, freedom, hate, family values, and war, the movie keeps the viewer totally enthralled the entire time with the different happenings in every scene. The main characters are Benjamin Martin and his son Gabriel. But he has seven other kids on his hands: Elizabeth, Margaret, Nathan, Samuel, Susan, Thomas, and William. On the Americans' side of the war is John Billings, Reverend Oliver, Occam, and Jean Villeneuve, who is a Frenchman that comes to the states to give a hand. The British have the help of the famed General Cornwallis, William Tavington, and Captain Wilkins. The film begins with Benjamin alluding to the reference of all of the sacrifices he will suffer because of his actions in the French and Indian War. After the French and Indian War, Benjamin retired from fighting to raise his family.

But that all changed when British officers trespass on his property and a terrible tragedy is witnessed right in front of his eyes. Benjamin takes his eldest son, Gabriel, who is the ideal picture of a patriotic American, and he puts his own militia together to help the cause and fight the Redcoats. He then realizes that he must once more fight for his freedom; and everyone else's.

This film is extraordinarily accurate. It portrays big events like Cornwallis surrendering at Yorktown, the church burning down with the townspeople still in it, and the Continental Congress offering any slave who serves in the Continental army for a year their freedom. Not only are the more significant actions addressed, but the smaller trivial ones are shown, too. When Benjamin was voting on whether or not to go to...