Film Review - "Wag the dog."

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The basic plot of 'Wag the Dog' is a scandal involving the President of the United States and the efforts of the presidential advisors to distract the people by staging a war with Albania. By using the title of war, the firefly girl was forgotten and the attention of the media and the people shifted before Election Day. The movie pokes fun at how politicians manipulate the media, as the President officials announces, "The president's visit has nothing to do with the deployment of the B-3 bomber," helping setting the stage for war letting people believe it has everything to do with the B-3 bomber. During this phony campaign, the Hollywood producer (Dustin Hoffman) had the president win the hearts of the people by paying attention to an Albanian girl and giving his coat to the mother. This is to help the president win votes for the up and coming presidential election.

Another scheme to inflate the war is the exploitation of a fake war hero played by Woody Harrelson for the fake war. Product tie-ins such as cloths and shoes commemorate the war hero are made, and are profitable.

The campaign headed by Robert DeNiro as he attempts to change the behavior of the people. The sex scandal between the firefly girl and the president is a problem ready to explode, the media was ready for it and the president's opposition already had a new commercial lined up ready to be shown to the public mocking the incident. First move was to create 'in your face' media to as a desperate attempt to divert the public's attention thus the words, "the president has declared war on Albania" was released into the news. Furthermore the war creates its own sense of realism when a single video clip is leaked on...