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Overall CompanyCompany Overview:Background HistoryBrookfield Properties, one of Canada’s oldest companies, originally started back in the 1920’s in Montreal, Quebec. At the time, they were known as the Canadian Arena Corporation who built one of the first arenas in North America to become the home of the Montreal Canadians, where they won four Stanley Cups. Through leasing contracts by the Montreal Canadians, other sporting events and cultural events, Canadian Arena Corporation was able to build equity and expand through other channels. (Brookfield Properties)In 1976, having built a recordable reputation and having equitable finances the company moved into a different direction by changing their name to Carena Properties. They expanded their company segments by acquiring a large controlling share of one of Canada’s largest public real estate companies. (“Properties) The company controlled not only residential properties but also commercial properties. In the following ten years, as Canada’s economy strengthened, it attracted investment from companies across the world.

As the demand for commercial space strengthened, land values appreciated steadily over the years. Somewhere in-between 1976 and 1986 Brookfield Properties was born and capitalizing on the appreciation of land value, where they were able to expand into a third segment, residential land development and home building.

In the early 1990’s, when the Canadian economy was in a recession, Brookfield Properties having accumulated much asset, looked to expand even further, with major portfolio acquisitions all over North America. It strategically based its acquisitions on premier office buildings in select high-growth metropolitan markets within North America.

With its huge success and great strategic moves, Brookfield Properties, a Canadian “root” company, has become one of North America’s largest public commercial real estate companies which hold approximately 116 commercial properties throughout North America.

Operating StrategyBrookfield Properties has a strong strategic back bone which spans...