Finding Forrester Report                  In the movie Finding Forrester it

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Finding Forrester Report In the movie Finding Forrester it talks about prejudice and how one student had to overcome it. He overcame the toughest accomplishment he had ever faced. Being the greatest writer he could be. He met a great teacher on the way and also a great friend whom later dies in the end.

Jamal's personal life included how he loved to write but didn't let his friends know so they would not make fun of him. He really didn't care for school much and never turned in his work and missed school a lot. There was a lot of prejudice in the movie when he transferred schools and enjoyed school because he got to do what he loved best, writing and playing basketball. At the new school he got a scholarship because his test scores were above average and they thought it would be better for him in the long run to get a better education.

With Jamal being black his teacher thought that he couldn't be a great writer. Jamal was an excellent writer. With guidance from Forrester, Jamal proved that because he was black he could also write.

Jamal's socioeconomic status could have been classed as not wealthy because his mother didn't make a lot of money but he was very smart and an excellent writer and proved to the world that he could do what he loved to do.

Jamal's future success is great. He learned from the best when he met Forrester. Forrester thought Jamal the rules and how to become a great writer. With Jamal writing the forward for Forrester it gives him the opportunity to become the writer he wants to become.

Jamal's conflicts he had to overcome with his teacher and his fellow teammate seemed impossible to him. He finally proved his teacher he could write and the teacher thought that he was using somebodyelse's work till Forrester came in and read an original piece that Jamal had written and the school board loved it and the teacher was proved wrong. His teammate on the other hand was tough also he had to overcome this one by proving that even though his family wasn't rich he could still play basketball.

The symbolic interaction has to deal with don't give up your dreams because people don't like the way you do something. Like writing if you are good at it and you love it don't stop doing it because they want you to.