Finishing High School

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The task of finishing high school and earning a Diploma is an important goal in every students high school career. There are numerous benefits for getting a Diploma. There are also many negative aspects of not earning a diploma.

Completing high school and earning a diploma reaps bountiful benefits, both long and short term. For example, when applying for college after graduation, many colleges will not accept an applicant without a diploma. The feeling of accomplishment is unbeatable when walking up to receive the diploma. When a person tries for a promotion and is competing against another, the applicant with a diploma will be more likely to receive the position. Finding a job is a lot easier with a diploma. The majority of business today look specifically for a diploma. By earning a diploma in high school, one gets a jump on life in whatever they do. Wither it be going to college or joining the work force and working at a fast food restaurant.

One can see the pros that come with graduating high school. There are many if not more disadvantages of not earning that sacred high school diploma.

The lack of fundamental sin education is a major disadvantage to not receiving a diploma. Without them, people would not know proper English for writing, or math needed to keep track of their finances. Very few job opportunities come without a diploma. The best one can hope for is in a restaurant or low ranks of a small business and if hired, rising in the chain of command is rare. Supporting a family with a low paying job that not finishing high school can create is very difficult in not impossible. The job may be fine if he or she is single but a family needs numerous...