Research paper - The Contrasts between the Slovak School System and U.S.A. School System

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Most students don't like school at all. Unfortunately they do not realize its importance. Education is a very important factor which indicates a person's future. Around the world there are school systems that vary in many ways. Slovak and U.S.A. school systems are totally different. The U.S.A. system is quite easy, while the Slovak system is really hard.

As a result Slovak schools produce better educated people despite of better equipment in U.S.A. schools.

"All children in Slovakia should attend the school regardless of possesion and sex" (Velanova 81). There is a national system of education in Slovakia, that's why the state is responsible for all schools besides a few private schools. Students have to visit the school until they turn seventeen. Then they have to decide either, to finish high school and try to get to college or to find a job, what is quite hard (Velanova 81). "By contrast the U.S.A.

does not have the national system of education. Therefore there is a great variety and flexibility in elementary, secondary and higher education throughout the country. Each state is responsible for its own educational system. Most schools want the children to go to school until they reach a certain age, which varies from sixteen to eighteen" (Slivanova 76). There are state and private schools in U.S.A. Eighty eight percent of American student attend State schools, called public schools. Students in the private schools have to pay for their tuition. Private schools get support from church groups or private funds (Silvanova 77).

In Slovakia, children usually visit Kindergarten from three to five years. When they turn six, the Elementary school starts. Pupils spend eight years in Elementary school. So as fourteen years old they start to attend High school, which lasts for four years. After that many...