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Slovak Republic

SlovakiaSlovakia is a little landscape in Middle Europe. In Slovakia lives in the neighbourhood of 5 ... f 5,4 million inhabitant on area 49 036 kilometressquare. Slovaks come under Slavic group people.In Slovakia live 85,7% Slovak people. In Slovakia lives also national minorities. The biggest minority ... ovakia lives also national minorities. The biggest minority - Hungarian - create 10.8% population ofSlovakia that is about 530 000 people. Then here live Ruthenians - 0.3%,Ukrainians - 0.3%. Czech peo ...

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The Czech Republic. Transitional Success: from USSR to EU

IntroductionIn 1989, after nearly 40 years of Soviet control, Czechoslovakia once again became an independent nation, the Czech and Slovak Federalist Republic. This tra ... in Poland. The student and worker protests in Prague and Budapest were no less important.The Czechoslovakian revolution took place peacefully and over a much longer period of time than events in othe ... ime than events in other former Soviet Union or Warsaw Pact nations. Hints of major reform in Czechoslovakia began as early as 1968. Czechoslovakian officials, under Soviet power, moved incrementally ...

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About Bratislava - the capital of Slovak republic

Danube is called our capital - Bratislava. It's a beautiful city situated in the south-west part of Slovakia. In the past it was an important junction of the main trades and nowadays it's a gate to Sl ... it's a gate to Slovakia from Austria and Hungary.Bratislava is situated among the warmest places in Slovakia -in the Danube lowland. It offers a lot of opportunities how to use your free time. A lot o ...

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My eight wonder of the world - INTERNET

-mail provides you easy way to connect with him. Ten or twenty seconds - and your messages are from Slovakia in United States of America. Or do you want information about Indian climate or weather for ... ally. US Internet level was yesterday there, we will be (maybe) tomorrow. An electronic business in Slovakia is like newborn. You can buy some books or TV at all. But in USA they can make transactions ...

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The case analysis:Bata Shoe

ld War, communist dominated governments nationalized Bata's operations not only in the former Czechoslovakia, but also in Poland, Yugoslavia and East Germany. But after that special period, Bata succe ... ment in Czech republic for example, during the Second World War, Bata had to leave the former Czechoslovakia where its operations started because the political situation had worsened. After many years ...

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Analyse the main advantages and disadvantages of European Union enlargement for a) existing members and b) for applicant countries

ning the EU in 2004 are Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia and will expand the European Union from currently 15 members to 25.The questio ...

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Comparison between Management Styles of Bolivia and Slovakia.

e effect of the cultural identity upon management and workers is evident when examining Bolivia and Slovakia. Situated on different continents, with extremely different histories and values, the manag ... Bolivia foretells a bright and stable economic future.The Slovak Republic, commonly referred to as Slovakia, is a landlocked country located in central Europe. The Slovaks joined the Czechs to from C ...

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Country report for Poland.

one of the largest countries in Central Europe. It borders on Russia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Germany. With 39 million people, Poland accounts for half of the po ... nd is the largest economy in Central Europe. It is a market that is larger than the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary combined. Poland has also recorded one of the highest growth rates in the world ...

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Medzinárodný obchod

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Research paper - The Contrasts between the Slovak School System and U.S.A. School System

hools produce better educated people despite of better equipment in U.S.A. schools."All children in Slovakia should attend the school regardless of possesion and sex" (Velanova 81). There is a nationa ... e school regardless of possesion and sex" (Velanova 81). There is a national system of education in Slovakia, that's why the state is responsible for all schools besides a few private schools. Student ...

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t related to my own life. When I was about seven years old my aunt came to visit my family and I in Slovakia, she came bearing gifts from America. To me, any American seemed like a millionaire, and Am ... with people in order to survive. This was difficult since there are not that many people who speak Slovakian, but my mom met people through my aunt.I think that the treatment and poor wages that many ...

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Slovakia Business Environment

IntroductionSlovakia has recently taken significant steps to improve its business environment, and companies suc ... and productivity growth, and helping to put the economy on a strong and well balanced growth path. Slovakia's economy has for the past several years been weaker than the Czech Republic's. In 1999 Slo ... s Database. Now both GDP and foreign investment are growing, and much of the improvement is owed to Slovakia's efforts to make the country more business-friendly. In 2004 the Slovak government approve ...

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State support of private investments

Government support of several foreign investments in Slovakia without clear regulations has brought about a social discussion about fairness and profitab ... er is to discuss and research all the mentioned questions.Economic importance of new investments in SlovakiaThe economic effect of foreign and domestic investments in the Slovak republic represents im ... unemployment rate, GDP, balance of trade payments, bank sector and others. The unemployment rate in Slovakia is positively influenced by the foreign investment. High unemployment rate (16 to 13 % in y ...

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Essay on Czech Republic: History, Economy, and Culture

The formation of Czechoslovakia in 1918 was the conclusion of the long struggle of the Czechs against their Austrian rulers ... their Austrian rulers and of the Slovaks against their Hungarian rulers. The independence of Czechoslovakia was officially announced in Prague, the nation's capital, on October 28, 1918. A provisiona ... es and differing religious, cultural, and social traditions of the Czechs and the Slovaks.The Czechoslovakian state was conceived as a parliamentary democracy. The constitution named the "Czechoslovak ...

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Male a stredne podniky

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Compare and Contrast Universities in Slovakia and abroad

are many factors to be considered. Advantages and of studying at a university abroad as well as in Slovakia can be argued, but what is better and more suitable for you?Studying in Slovakia has many b ... ccepted, not travelling long ways, staying close to your friends as most of them decide to study in Slovakia too. Staying in Slovakia means most likely studying in Slovak language, which is very benef ...

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Subjects: Literature Research Papers > Creative Writing > Comparative Essays – story of an online shop in Slovakia (Theory of motivation and organization in practice) - story of an online shop in Slovakia(Theory of motivation and organization in practice)Table of Contents2I. Introduction � ... lusion and Suggestions �10References and Bibliography ���IntroductionIn Slovakia, online shopping is still at its beginning, but with more and more households being able to ... one young man to come true. In the beginning, Martinus was an ordinary bookshop located in Martin, Slovakia. Later on, in 2001, after Michal Meško, 16 years old, programmer joined the company, ...

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Should University Education Be Free of Charge

high as they are in so many countries. The situation is different in America, in Great Britain and Slovakia and it can be effective to compare these 3 distinct countries.There are many universities i ... ay $45,000 for a 4-year tuition unlike in private universities where the fees can reach $88,000. In Slovakia the situation is different. After graduation every student has the right to apply to univer ...

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