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First Knight is Full of Zingy Energy

First Knight brings forth a very interesting twist to the Camelot tale. The movie begins with a horrific attack from King Malagant on the neighboring land of Leonesse where Queen Guinevere rules. Leonesse is defenseless against Malagant's armies; therefore, causing Guinevere to rely upon her next-door neighbor and soon to be husband King Arthur. First Knight is a very exciting movie full of action, romance and betrayal.

First Knight is full of action; this keeps the audience on the edge of their seats screaming for more. The action scenes within this movie are what really help it from being a waste of time. First Knight is full of zingy energy. The battles are done exceptionally well and the swordplay is exhilarating. The most enjoyable action scene is undoubtedly the battle between Lancelot and Malagant. Besides the epic battle between Lancelot and Malagant; there are several other scenes that help this movie succeed.

The movie also includes a small dose of romance that helps build upon the story. Though this movie is jam packed of action the producers have managed to squeeze in some romance. The romance fits in well and helps the story run smoothly. Queen Guinevere has to either choose a man in which she lusts or a man whom she honors and can protect her people. Though this movie features a cliché of a classic love triangle it still manages to be successful. Lancelot tells the Queen that he truly believes in the ideals of the Round Table and for him to better serve it he decides its best if he leaves Camelot. Guinevere declines this decision and tries to talk him into staying. It is during this time that Guinevere allows Lancelot to receive the kiss that he had won...