First Person Narrative about Plowing- "Natures Beauty"

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Beauty of Nature

Turning on to the road the pavement was slick and the tires of the truck slipped as I accelerated. The head lights on the head gear of my Fisher Plow eliminated the road and opened up a winter wonderland to my eyes. As the pavement got rough and the woods got thicker the amount of snow on the road also increased. The snow acted as a blanket covering the road and making the driving difficult with out four wheel drive. The possibility of dropping my plow to make the journey easier crosses my mind, but the conditions of the road would do too much damage to the plow and truck. So I turned off the overdrive dropped my truck into first gear for traction and began on into the winter wonderland.

The snow rested heavy on the tree branches. The Sagging branches of the trees hang close to the ground in some places.

Along the road a few times branches scrapped the roof of my truck. Looking into the woods you could see nothing but the shapes of trees covered in a white snow frosting. All around was fertile scenery all untouched snow, so pure you can smell it. The winding road covered with snow is easily detected by the shrubbery that invades the edge of the road. The shrubbery beautiful covered in snow adds a royal touch to the road, giving it the feel of a mansion driveway. A scenery one could only imagine as a painting.

The journey had only one specific function, to act as a mental messagge and take all the frustrations that had been building up. Snow falling hard to near white out conditions and temperatures in the low twenties or high teens, there was no other place capable of such a...