Flannery O' Connor's Wise Blood

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"And then there was light…….." God: n. superhuman being worshipped as having supernatural power; object of worship, idol; the Supreme being, creator and ruler of universe. This has been the Collins dictionary meaning of God for years now. People over the years have denied Him, rejected Him, have called him ' a Loving Father', or a 'cruel and cold hearted sadist who brings pain and suffering in the world', or the one who died 'for our sins', or who judges people 'for committing sins'. Who is this figure that the entire world has been trying to figure out? People have written books about him, for him, against him, etc etc. There is a strange phenomena to this "God" guy, and this is exactly what this paper will try and capture . The enigma that is God and how his presence and absence leaves a person feeling. How his existence is a matter of perceiving sometimes even more than just 'belief' itself.

It will uncover the reasons behind non-belief with respect to Hazel Motes, the character in the book 'Wise Blood' by Flannery O' Connor.

The very thought of someone perceiving God as an entity which is non-existent seems absurd and even ridiculous. But clearly there has been a growing segment of 'non-believers' in society, call them atheists, deists , monotheists or even scientists. The doubt per se has always been present. Even in the past, beginning from the 19th century , we had Ludwig Feuerbach(1804-1872)who believed that man's continued effort in being "superhuman" or perfect is something which he has always strived for, and therefore in the endeavor to reach that pedestal of something higher which he knows he cannot achieves he conceives as God (Schilling, 25).Then we had the whole Marxist-Leninist approach(1818-1883) wherein religion was just an escapism from...