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Down in South Florida where I live, it is very hot and humid almost all year round. Even in December it will be in the high to low seventies sometimes sixties, and at night the lowest in the lower fifties. The leaves stay green and you can practically swim all year round. Usually the streets are busy, and everybody is on the go on University Drive which is the main road where I live and there are plenty of restaurants, stores, and banks.

Fifteen minutes away is the smell of the ocean air. You can hear the waves crashing the beach if you are close enough. There are people talking and walking on the strip where they can shop and plenty of people on the beach on a Saturday afternoon. The sand is usually hot unless at night or when the sun is going down. Sunsets on the beach are an amazing sight.

With all of the different colors, purple, red, orange and yellow that the clouds make, it looks like the sun is sinking in the ocean. At night you will see the shining stars and a few people walking on the now cooled down sand. A rare sight you might happen to see at night on the beach would be a mother sea turtle laying her eggs or an actual hatching and departure of the baby turtles.

Another great place not far from my house is the Everglades. It is consisted of mainly water and tall grass. Here you can see alligators and many kinds of birds. If you enjoy to fish there are plenty of them including, very big large mouth bass, alligator gar which have a mouth sort of like a gator with very sharp teeth, catfish and sometimes a tarpon coming in from the ocean...