Flowers of Algernon, Letter to Mrs Kinnian Task: Write a letter to Mrs Kinnian about how you think she felt for Charlie Gordon.

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Dear miss Kinnian

I am writing to express my views about Charlie Gordon and the intelligence enhancing process also to give me a better understanding about the whole ordeal.

I see your approach to helping disabled people I would tell by reading certain chapters in the book that you were passionate about your work and liked helping your students, judging buy Charlie Gordon's mentality that you really cared and showed great affection and aptitude for your work. This lead me to believe that you were some what of a sensitive person and had a lot of strength of mind and believe to get certain tasks done in your occupation.

The fact that you were 25 (or what Charlie Gordon saw you to be, although it wasn't said. You didn't have a boyfriend or a partner. And the amounts of times you were mentioned in Charlie's daily journal suggested that you were a full time worker.

Maybe you weren't ready for a relationship? Just to busy carrying out your work.

As it became more and more evident as I read, I believe that Charlie Gordon had some kind of a crush that developed over time into love; this was only at the stage where he was somewhat mentally enhanced, but at this initial I.Q.

He only saw you as a friend. His logbook proved to me that he had a better understanding of you as he became smarter. He developed a love for you and I believe that you loved him back at a certain point in time. And you acceptance to your invite to his dinner, gave him a hint that something may be taking place. I suggest that he wanted to take things further with you but stubbornly rejected. He continued a...