Football vs. Football

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There are two great sports that have both generated more than their fair share of rabid fans. That's right: football, and football. That is, American football versus real football, or 'soccer' as the Americans have so graciously renamed it to avoid confusion. Real soccer is a game of strength, speed, and stamina, while America football combines the smartest, the strongest, and the biggest people one will ever see. In soccer it doesn't matter how much weight one carries, or whether one can do a crowd-pleasing touch-up shuffle after scoring. It's a game of individual and team skill. Soccer is truly the sport of champions.

Some might say that the team is paramount in football; the individuals only want to win, not just to score a touchdown. In order to score, one needs a careful balance of mental and physical strength. It takes years of training and raw talent before one can weave in and out of defensive lines to walk the impossible journey to the goal.

That is a walk that constantly brings one both joy and sorrow, victory and defeat. In rebuttal, those 'years of training' are often supplemented by a hundred pounds or so of excess weight. Soccer players pack their strength into smaller and much healthier bodies. The players are also superior athletes and run almost non-stop for the entire game.

Soccer is played all over the world, while American football is almost exclusively played in the United States and ignored everywhere else. The major reason the world's football is so huge in so many countries is because Soccer is an extremely inexpensive sport to play and far less complicated to organize than the American version of football. While conversely, American football is a very high maintenance sport which requires very expensive equipment. As opposed to Soccer,