FORMAL OUTLIINE on file sharing vs. piracy

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Thesis: Laws should be made to protect file sharing, though piracy should have harsher legislation.

I. File sharing is important, convenient, and morally good.

A. We have, by and large, been taught to share our things.

B. Therefore, sharing our files (being a part of what we own) runs parallel with the values we have been taught.

C. It is not stealing or copying-to-sell; it is merely giving and receiving. Like Christmas.

II. File Sharing is not piracy.

A. Piracy is theft, which is immoral.

B. Taking what is not ours, even temporarily, and copying or selling it is wrong.

III. Therefore laws should allow for files to be shared, while maintaining a firm grip on piracy.

A. The goal of civil law is to serve and protect.

B. By outlawing file-sharing, a morally good act, it fails to serve civilians.

C. By not heavily enforcing laws against piracy, it fails to protect them.

D. Thus law itself affirms that law is unlawful, and as an institution of the government strives toward anarchy, which is like a proof that there are no proofs, which is nonsense.

IV. In order to save face, if not to actually make sense, the government should allow file sharing.