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Wednesday, August 22, 2001 Acceptance Letter Hello, My name is _______and I feel I should be accepted to Capitol Christian School for the fallowing reason: I am a very good student, very active in school, an all around athlete, and live by Christianity morals.

From grammar school until sixth grade, I was on the honor roll. I received many citizenship awards and participated in the oral language fair during the same years. I mainly maintained a B average but had occasional D and rarely one F. Always living by the fact that I am a student first than an athlete, I try my best to keep up my grades. I have attended many summer programs in my life, mainly math and engineering. I feel I could improve my grades at Capitol because of the smaller class size and student population.

I participated in many school activities. I've helped coordinate dances which I also attended .

I've helped and assisted for many teachers. I have given many hours to community service. I worked the snack bar to raise money for school and participated in many other fund raising activities.

I feel due to my athletic ability I could bring much victory to Capitols athletic department. I have played football for eight years, baseball for ten, wrestled for seven ,track and field for two, and I work out at the gym everyday. I have started my position in football every year accept for two. I am a four year all star and I have started every year of my baseball career. I have made it to the tournament of champions one year and have many other wrestling accomplishments. I did track and field to stay in shape. And I have a work out plan at the gym every day.

I have always been raised in the church. I am extremely active in my youth group and attend an early morning and afternoon service. I have youth group meetings every Wednesdays and Thursdays. I have been to many church camps in my life and have had many live changing experiences. I feel I owe much gratitude to God for what I have been given.

I feel if I were to be accepted at Capitol it would better my walk with Jesus and help me grow into a better adult. I feel I could follow the rules and regulations at Capitol Christian Center. Thank you for giving me a chance to explain the person that I am.