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Why we will remember Frank Sinatra The word memorable means worthy of being remembered, remarkable or very important, Frank Sinatra was all of these. Frank Sinatra is known as one of the greatest singers of the 20th century. He was an average guy who became a great singer. To prove that he was just a normal guy, he even had his downfalls. He had ties to the mob, he was a womanizer, spoiled and often got into trouble with the police. There were also tales of his personal generosity to friends and strangers and the millions of dollars he donated and raised for charities (Hamill 4). Also, he helped battle against racism in the entertainment business. Tony Bennet a longtime friend of Sinatra, put it best after Sinatra died when he said, "The Master is gone but his voice will live on forever" (Seitz 9).

Frank Sinatra was supposedly connected to the mob in many ways.

Hearst columnist Robert Ruart wrote that Sinatra had flown to Havana to join underworld bosses in a splashy tribute to Charles "Lucky" Luciano, the legendary Mafia leader who had been deported from the United States (Kleinknecht 1). It was one of the first times the public got a glimpse into the real Frank Sinatra. They then realized maybe he was just an average guy and he too had his downfalls like everyone else. Yes, it's not a great thing to be associated to the mob but with this you realized that Frank Sinatra wasn't perfect and he wasn't a saint. In 1983, there was even an incident where Frank and Dean Martin verbally abused an employee in a casino in Atlantic City. And there are many occasions when he threatened reporters and photographers. To those who had been touched by the magic of Frank...