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A sense of death causes human to think more about life. "Frankenstein" By Mary Shelby talks about obsession and life.

"My imagination was vivid, yet my powers of analysis and application were intense; by the union of these qualities I conceived the idea and executed the creation of a man." Mary Shelly. The main character, Victor Frankenstein, wanted to create life so someone would not have to suffer the pain of some; they love so dare. Frankenstein explained that no one should be alive to suffer that much pain without his or her love. Frankenstein, blinded by the love for his wife, he was not prepared for the emotions and the reaction that his wife would have towards his actions. His saw the monster, looked and felt his face, then hers she mourned while she held a burning lamp with gas and broke it over her head, running throughout the building while on fire, when she reach the balcony she jumped.

Frankenstein died with a broken heart.

Melancholy, without happiness there would be no sadness. Frankenstein "son" was depressed because no one loved him because of the way he looks. "No sympathy may I ever find? When I first sought it, it was the love of virtue, the feelings of happiness and affection with which my whole, being overflowed, that I wished to be participated. Now that virtue has become to me a shadow and that happiness and affection, are turned into bitter and loathing despair, in what should I seek for sympathy. I am content to suffer alone while my sufferings shall endure: when I die, I am well satisfied that abhorrence and opprobrium should load my memory. Once my fancy was soothed with dreams of virtue, of fame, and of enjoyment. Once I falsely hoped to...