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Sabrina Maciariello

Ms. Ryan

English III HH

07 October 2014

Frankenstein Response Paper #1

While reading the beginning of Frankenstein, I was immensely surprised at how little I knew about the book prior to starting it. Although it is a very widely known piece of literature, I had quite a few misconceptions regarding both the plot and characters. In fact, I was under the impression that Frankenstein was the name of the monster when in reality it is the name of the creator. Therefore, when Victor Frankenstein was introduced, I was thoroughly surprised and confused. Another aspect of the plot that took me entirely by surprise was the nature and personality of the monster. Pop culture constantly seems to depict Frankenstein's monster as a murderous, cold-blooded, and unintelligent creature. However, the monster is initially feared by Frankenstein not because of its violent nature, but because of its unattractive appearance.

When Frankenstein viewed his creation for the first time, "breathless horror and disgust filled [his] heart" (Shelley 61) and he often refers to it as a "demonical corpse." I feel an abundance of sympathy towards the monster because of how he is judged and feared solely because of his appearance. Additionally, I believe that, contrary to the depiction of pop culture, the monster of Frankenstein is an intelligent being that displays understanding and emotion. For instance, the morning after Frankenstein flees in attempt to hide from his creation, the monster greets him with "a grin [that] wrinkled his cheeks" (61). This indicates that the monster is capable of feeling warmer human emotion and simply desired to greet his creator with happiness and friendliness.

Upon reading Robert Walton's letters to his sister at the beginning of the novel, I couldn't help but relate Walton's personality and situation to that of the...