Freedom of Speech

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Thank you, Chairman. And a very good afternoon, every one . Today, our team strongly agree with today's topic and that is "Greater freedom of expression should be allowed in Singapore.

FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION WILL HURT SOMEONE'S REPUTATION AND CHARACTER(rebut) First of all, I'll like to repeat the title again. The title says about greater freedom of expression; and not complete freedom of expression. So please don't misunderstand the topic. And I will to tell everyone the definition of "freedom of expression":

Freedom of expression means that the right to express one's ideas and opinions freely and publicly without the fear of censorship and punishment. BUT, I will like to highlight this phrase: " However, freedom of expression doesn't allow deliberately causing harm to other's reputation and character by false or misleading statements.

So, don't get "freedom of expression" wrong. It still has its limitation. For example, when a group of individuals promote biased ideas and offensive comments like sexism , fascism, terrorism and racism, they will be stop.

So I will like to say again- freedom of expression still has its limitation.

FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION LET PROBLEM BE HARDER TO SOLVE- but freedom of speech gather more opinions and ideas thus the solution for a problem will be seen with a wider range of views and perspective. Although it cause longer time and more effort but the ideas will be better and more effective. Freedom of expression actually can foster Singapore's development(my point)

DEMOCRATION CAN NO LONGER BE IMPLEMENTED/FREEDOM MAKES THEM THINK THEY CAN DO WHATEVER THEY WANT,LIKE DESTROYING PUBLIC FACILITIES/FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION BRINGS MORE BAD IMPACTS-but the topic for today is "greater freedom of expression" and "not complete freedom of expression" .In addition, if greater freedom of expression will lead to these problems, the government...