French beyond borders.

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Today the world is divided into many borders. There are economical, political, cultural, and racial. What is the result of having these borders? How does the French language play a role in modern time? A language can help transcend borders by how the economy works. Also, the culture and racial borders are involved too. Each language has its differences, but they all play the same role for how the borders work. The French language in the world is used for communication. To separate the different cultures and political borders from all other languages is the key of having borders.

By having borders there are many different economical traditions. The market is a place to get goods. The stock market would be the best example for economical traditions. With having this everyone would have to need money. The money will come from business. The business is where everyone would work. These are the main steps of economical traditions in the French language speaking area.

The main borders for most places are separated by their political ways. Political means to deal with the structure or affairs of government, politics, or the state. Well political, falls right over the economical traditions. Borders usually separate each language. Mainly in the United States of America people speak the English language. As in France, most people speak the French language. They have a different government then ours and other places. The politics are the key way for success in the market area. The congress, senate, or even the stock people are out biggest political people. Everyday they deal with government or state type deals.

The cultural and racial borders are the main threat to world peace in my opinion. Maybe if everyone was the same skin color, or less fighting with a person with a...