Fried Green Tomatoes-Portrayal of Women

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Gender and Popular Culture

- The Portrayal of Women in Fried Green Tomatoes and Other Films

Personal thoughts about the subject

In our class about gender and popular culture, most discussions, either they dealt with literature, music or television, ended up with the conclusion that women are always being looked down upon, that we are being oppressed, that soceity is built by men for men, on their premises, and that women have to play by the rules set up by men. Very often, it was said that men and women are theoretically identical and that the differences between us have developed due to the imposing by society for thousands of years. What women of today have to do is to continue the fight against the patriarchal society, for the same rights, standing, respect etc. as men.

I agree to some of these opinions but not to all of them. Noone can argue that men and women always have the same rights, wages, esteem etc.

However, I cannot assent to that women are in all situations being treated inequitably in comparison to men - at least I do not experience it frequently, but I might be deceived in some people's opinion. I believe that men and women are fundamentally different, alhtough there is great divergance within the two sexes. I realize, of course, that everything we label feminine and masculine is not due to inborn differences, but to the influence of society. I think certain feminists are wrong when they urge women to fight for the same kind of rights as men , since these "rights" often imply manners, attitudes and actions which we do very well without, and which we criticize men for having. We often accuse men of being greedy for power and insensible, so it is beyond my...