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The term friend is used very loosely in society and has developed many different meanings. A friend might simply refer to a person you know; maybe it means someone you share similar interests with, or maybe it is your best friend that you can tell anything to and trust more than anyone else in the world. A dictionary defines friendship as: affection arising from mutual esteem and good will (Webster). People develop different levels of friendship with everyone they meet. A certain event might make two peoples friendship become closer, or could push it further apart. Some people have a certain quality that makes it easy for them to make new friends. This quality is usually that they are easy going and do not get in a lot of conflicts.

Friendships provide mental health for a person. People with many true friends are generally happier than people without them and also have more confidence.

Friends provide emotional support by showing care and affection. A friend provides guidance, physical aide, and support. In times when you need guidance, a friend is there to help you make the right decision. A friend can also provide physical aide such as giving you a ride somewhere or taking care of you when you are sick. Your friends are a support group that you should always be able to count on.

Most of the time, your family is one of your most important friends. Your family should be the friend that never turns their back on you. It is important to not be afraid to tell a friend anything that is on your mind. It is human nature to want to let out emotions that are bottled up inside. We can seek counsel in our friends and family. The more we can let...