Frogs Verse Toads

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The life of a frog is very similar to the life of a toad. Each are both born in the same format. The adolecence have sexual intercourse therefore making the mother pregnant. After a few weeks the mother releases her eggs in a gel like form. The eggs look like a miniture bunch of grapes, but instead of purple they are clear with black dots in the center.

As the weeks go on after the eggs have been layed in the water, the black dots suddenly start to become somthing else. They seem to grow more and more with each day. The black dots are becoming tad poles. Soon the eggs are hatched and the tadpoles are born.

Tad poles are small fish like creatures with no fins, just one tail. They usually have a small mouth and unlike fish, never have gills. Agter a few weeks the tadpoles start to develop legs.

And as more time goes on they become more and more like frogs and toads.

This is the point where a distinct difference comes inbetween the toads and frogs. While frogs have nice smooth slimy skin, toads are very bumby and rough. Toads can also give warts when touched. Frogs live mainly in water and toads live in dirt.