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Steven Shin

Mrs. Leimkuhler

English 10

26 Feburary 2014

Justified or Not Justified?

A sword is often known to have two edges. It can help a person but also destroy that same person as well. Often portrayed as a "double-edged sword" revenge is seen in many different media especially television, music, and movies. Not only those, but the theme is a prevailing topic in acclaimed literature as well. One of these well known novels is Dumas' book, The Count of Monte Cristo. The theme of revenge is not disheartening but rather justified through the protagonist, Dantes in the novel.

The Count of Monte Cristo is an interesting tale about a sailor named Dantes who changes whole personal information in order to revenge to the people who are related to his innocent imprisonment for 14 years. Although Dantes seems very naïve at the beginning, he becomes very sharp during the years in jail.

Dante's most knowledge comes from the old man in prison named Faria. He was responsible for much of Dantes character change due to his great power of reasoning. He also provides the map of treasure which helped Dantes to be successful after he escaped from the prison. Due to his successful life leaded by Faria, he was able to become friendly with the people who first imprisoned him and those are Fernand, Caderousse, Danglars, and Vilefort. He planned to get back to them slowly with the plans. However the reason why Dantes wants to revenge is that those people wanted Dantes to fail and the choice was to imprison him. And Dantes knew the secret of Vilefort. Vilefort who is a royalist wanted to hide his dad's information because he goes against the royalists, which can bring bad advantage to Vilerfort. He used his political power...