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Future Communications- What Changes I Think I'll See in the Future of the Communications Industry.

There will be many different advances in the future of the communications. It's hard to tell what people are going to come up with next. New changes or advancements are made every year. They are constantly thinking of new ways to make the communications industry much better. In the near future they will come up with so many new advancements that everything will be completely changed within the next couple of years.

What one of the changes I think I'll see in the future of the communications industry is instead of a home telephone, people will use these little box that projected a hologram of the person that they're talking to. This hologram will pop up when you want to talk to someone. Both people would have to have one of the little boxes. The heliogram will look real enough that it is just like you are talking to a real person.

It should cost up to a hundred dollars and should be In addition to the hologram might be where you can download different backgrounds. You could pick something like the Grand Canyon or being on the moon. The person you are talking to will see you in front of the background of your choice. They can imagine you are at the place you would like them to think you are at. You could also download other things that you might want to be around you.

You could also make it where you are talking to more than one person. You would half to have the multiple version. This one allows you to see more than one person in your holograms. The single version would only allow you to talk to only one...