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Running head: GAP ANALYSIS: KUIPER LEDAGap Analysis: Kuiper LedaUniversity of PhoenixMBA550 week 4Gap Analysis: Kuiper LedaKuiper Leda in the Republic of Novarnia is a manufacturing company that specializes in the production of Electronic Control Units and Radio Frequency Identification Devices. Being a small manufacturing company with limited production capacity, has accepted a large order from Midland Motors. The challenges faced by Kuiper Leda are based management, stakeholders, and an expansion into increased production capacities. In order to increase production Kuiper Leda will find it necessary to put into practice a new business strategy which will include implementing an inventory management system, better forecasting future sales, outsourcing the production of components, reduction in its supply chain, and the creation of an overseas central distribution center.

Situation AnalysisIssue and Opportunity IdentificationUp front it appears that the problem Kuiper Leda is facing is caused by an opportunity to grow and take on more and larger customers, but further analysis demonstrates a poor or lack of an effective inventory and production plan.

Properly managed, Kuiper Leda will be able to take the problems laid before it and turn them into opportunities such as:1. Improved delivery and capacity management through the use of modern software.

2. Increased sales and the building strong relationship with Midland Motors and other unnamed customers for future sales.

3. More accurately forecast production requirements.

Kuiper Leda had received a large order to manufacture Electronic Control Units (ECU) and Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID) from Midland Motor. This is a unique opportunity for KL to prove itself if it has the capabilities to satisfy demand and work under pressure to explore new opportunities for market expansion. Kuiper Leda has two choices to venture into the process to manufacture the work orders. The first choice is to manufacture in-house the two...