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GAPs Advertising

GAP adverts have a very distinctive, recognisable style.

Young people dressed in their latest character pieces (khaki trousers, rainbow coloured scarves, blue denim jeans with crisp white t-shirts.) dancing or miming along to songs such as 'Mellow Yellow' or 'Dress you up'.

Usually on a neutral background or appropriate setting.

All models look cool, happy, healthy, and natural.

They encompass the fore mentioned Brand Character; this is what the consumer is, or aspires to be.

In 2003 GAP recruited not only pop star Madonna, but also Hip Hop sensation Missy Elliot to star in the new campaign together.

The campaign proved hugely successful, being shown in various different countries on television, billboards, magazines etc.

The collaboration between Madonna and GAP came at a welcome time for both parties Madonna was releasing her first children's book.

Book readings by Madonna took place in GAP stores in New York and London, and the book itself was sold in selected GAP outlets.

In addition to this Madonna was featured on the cover of International magazines Harpers Bazaar, and also Tatler wearing the exact outfit she does in the GAP advert. This of course meant that for the editions in which Madonna was featured GAP would be listed in the magazines Fashion directory, not a previously frequent occurrence .

This is just one example of how well GAP adverts use celebrities, the latest is that of campaign starring Orlando Bloom, and Elijah Wood who are two of the main characters in hugely acclaimed Lord of the Rings films.

Other stars that have appeared in GAP ads include: Christina Ricci, Carole King, Ashton Kutcher, Daft Punk, Angelica Houston, Ray Liotta, Juliette Lewis, and Gary Sinise.

Their use of fabrics and colours has been likened to that of Italian born competitors Beneton. But...