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Garth Brooks Jones 1 Catherine Jones Elinore Freeman, Professor Music Appreciation 105 November 27, 2001 In choosing, the composer I wanted to write about, I chose not only a composer but an artist as well. This artists' songs has crossed over from both the Country Music industry to Pop Music industry. His music has topped the charts in both Country and Pop music, as well. In doing so, this Artist/Composer has opened the doors for many others that have followed. Not, since Elvis Presley has an artist been so recognized for his music and great accomplishments. Of course we all know that Elvis is and always will be the King, but Garth Brooks comes close behind. In fact an article ran in the Ottawa Sun about Garth Brooks was titled "The King of Country". .

Garth Brooks' real name is Troyal Garth Brooks. He was born February 7, 1962 in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Garth is the youngest child of Troyal Raymond and Colleen Carroll Brooks. All together, the Brooks' have six children Jim, Mike, Betsy, Jerry, Kelly, and Garth.

Even though Garth's mother Colleen recorded for Capitol Records back in the 1950's and performed with Red Foley on the Ozark Jubilee. Music was not one of Garth's ambitions actually Garth's early ambitions were to be a professional football player or a forest ranger.

In fact, Garth did not even pick up a guitar until he was in junior High School. Garth attended Yukon High School and went on to Oklahoma State College (OSC) in Stillwater, where he received a partial athletic scholarship for javelin. He majored in Jones 2 Advertising. With only receiving a partial scholarship, Garth found odd jobs to pay for the other half. He found work as a bouncer and played with bands at several different Nightclubs...