Gender And The Media

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GENDER AND THE MAGAZINES We have thougth the gender distinction in the elementary school legaly, but before it most of our parent buy us toys according to our gender. Even for colors there is a gender seperation such as; pink for girls, blue for boys or trucks and guns for boys dolls and kitchen tool toys for girls. For example Barbie which is a doll for girls, has an apperience of a 17 years old girl by it?s face and body . Altough the girls playing with it are mostly at an age 4-15, they imagine themselves looking like Barbie in their coming ages. Just similar to Barbie there is a toy called ?Ken? which carries all characteristic apperience of male gender. It looks at an age 25 whith large muscles and a good looking physical apperience. While girls dream to be like Barbie, boy kids desires to be like Ken in their future lifes.

Since kids pre-school learning and education takes place at games they played in daily ?life the most effective and significant tool for their learning are toys. During school period their education is done with books and exercise books. After we grew up in this distinctive perspective it is even imposibble to avoid gender differences and gender roles.

Beginning from first year of elementary school we read in our course books that house works, looking after kids, cooking, cleaning is our mothers responsibility, in other words girls responsibility. On the other hand fathers are responsible for earning money for their lives, driving car, fixing the house staff, protect the family from danger. When we look at the picture drawn in the children?s mind; women have a naïve personality and physical appearance also they seem like they are not intelligent enough to manage to do the works...